Add central air conditioning to homes with boilers.


New construction homes


Homes focused on green sustainable construction.


What is a UNICO system?

A UNICO system is a modern High-Efficient HVAC system that can provide heating and cooling in buildings that have inadequate ductwork or do not have air ducts. This system is ideal for residential homes with boiler systems, or in condos or apartments that have little space for ducting. UNICO can also be adapted to many commercial and industrial applications. Although you can use UNICO for heating and cooling, you also have the option to use it for air conditioning only.

The UNICO system heats and cools within 2 degrees of your set temperature. It removes up to 30% more humidity than traditional systems and is 3 times more powerful than any conventional HVAC system with ducts that are a quarter of the size. Even temperatures, balanced humidity and proper airflow are the key components to making your home more comfortable. Unico checks all of these boxes.

How does UNICO work?

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, UNICO systems use high velocity to push air through small round ducts. Even though these ducts are small they produce triple the pressure of traditional systems. Systems are typically installed in the attic, but there are other applications depending on the needs of your home. Since the ducts are small, we can run them to other floors of the home through closets and other small spaces taking minimal space.


Central A/C can be added to any existing system, including boilers.

Minimal mess -minimal patch work

Quietest HVAC system on market

Even temperatures

Uses less energy, reducing energy consumption.

Why choose Temperature Doctors?

Because we are Rockford’s High Velocity experts and authorized dealers of Unico. Our technicians have all trained at headquarters. We work closely with the manufacturer to make sure you have the best system and set up for your home – your investment – your family’s safe haven.

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