A Geothermal Heat pump is the greenest, most efficient and most cost effective heating and cooling system available. Rather than use fuel sources such as gas or propane, it uses free renewable solar energy that is stored right in your backyard. This type of system doesn’t create heat through combustion as typical HVAC systems do, rather it collects heat and cool air and moves it out of your home keeping your home temperature extremely consistent.

How does GEOTHERMAL Work?

While air temperatures vary from season to season or from day to night, below the ground temperatures stay consistent all year. In fact, the temperature just a few feet below ground stays at an average 55 degrees year-round.

A Geothermal system uses a series of underground pipes called loops. When your home needs heat, the fluid in these loops collect thermal energy deposited in the earth from the sun. The heat is then circulated back into the pump and distributed evenly throughout your home.

When your home calls for cooling, the process works in reverse. As air circulates through your home, the heat pump removes heat from the air and moves it to the much cooler 55 degree Earth. The heat then dissipates from the fluid to the ground and as a result the air in your home is cooler.

Benefits of GEOTHERMAL Systems.

Geothermal systems are recognized by the EPA as the most environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy efficient heating and cooling technology available. A single geothermal unit is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing 2 cars from the road forever.

  • Significantly reduce utility costs
  • Minimizes green house effects, global warming and acid rain
  • Longest life span
  • Runs very quietly

Heating, cooling and hot water make up 2/3rd of your utility costs. A geothermal system will save up to 70% of those costs.

Temperature Doctors Heating and Cooling has had extensive training and is certified to repair and install geothermal systems.